3 Benefits Of PPF Coating (5 Minutes Read)

Now, you have probably seen great articles on Paint Protection Film (PPF) versus Coating out there. Can’t deny they are valid from a budget point of view. But today, I’m bringing you to a new perspective: PPF “AND” Coating.


To be fair, when I first heard of PPF Coating myself, I was skeptical. I spent tons on PPF to protect my car paint. Why would I fork out another sum to get yet another layer of protection? 


Here’s to why PPF coating is LEGIT afterall:


Enhancing outlook

First, PPF don’t shine. Ceramic coating definitely up the aesthetics, making your car all shiny and glossy. 


Hydrophobic ease cleaning

Next, ceramic coating is hydrophobic. The coating saves some time (and frequency required) on car wash. 


Protecting PPF

This is ironic I know, but ceramic coating has proven to slow down PPF deterioration. Whatever dirt or bird droppings are gonna hit on that coating first, which is easily cleaned considering its hydrophobic and chemical-resistance nature. 


Below is an illustration on benefits from both worlds, for which you can now own them all via PPF Coating:

There are few ways to do this PPF and/or Coating actually, weighing the cost and benefits. 


Hybrid PPF is quite common where the front part of the car is covered PPF while ceramic coating is done on the back. Full car PPF normally comes with interior coating too, press here to snatch this DEAL (and possibly some DISCOUNT if you like my articles 😉 ).