PPF – On Used Car? On White Car?

By Craig Wheeler 


PPF on Used Car


Yes, PPF is doable on used car, albeit involving paintwork inspection and potentially paint correction. Most PPF are clear based, any imperfection beneath it will be obvious!


PPF is more commonly done on new cars, where the cars’ paintwork are still in tip top condition. For used car, we expects the imperfections below on paintwork:


  • water spots, swirl marks
  • scratches 
  • paint oxidation 
  • etching from corrosives (e.g. bird droppings)

The above are extremely normal for a used car. Hence, car detailers will firstly perform detailed inspection and paint correction before applying PPF. 


PPF on White Car 


The unfortunate truth is that PPF does turn yellowish, which might be noticeable (for those with keen eyes) after 2-3 years on white cars. 


Yellowing is unavoidable with our local harsh weather 24/7, plus “absorption” of all the dirt, dust and contaminants. Only way to slow down the yellowing is to wash your car diligently, especially when car paint comes into contact with corrosive contaminants. 

The ultimate goal of having PPF is to protect your car paint. It’s safe to say PPF is currently the best technology to slow down your car aging 😉  


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