Paint Protection Film (PPF) – Clear or Coloured?

By Craig Wheeler


Clear PPF 

PPF is also called a clear bra, because of the film’s transparent nature. 


Supposingly an invisible layer on top of a car’s paintwork, PPF does increase the vibrancy of the car’s paintwork, giving it a luxury shine that is popular especially among the atas (upper class) society. 



PPF Matte


For those who want a double take from passersby, PPF Matte is the best bet. I can vouch for this, being the head turner myself everytime a car with matte finish drives past.


PPF matte gives a frozen look on a car’s original paint colour, while protecting it from stone chips and scratches. 


Coloured PPF


PPF Vibrance is PPF with colours, for which at P10x we have these choices currently: ⚫️🔴🔵🟢⚪️





Do look out for the material of the PPF’s film, especially when you are going for coloured PPF out there. Colour changing film vs coloured PPF are different.


Colour changing film is made from PVC, hence it will not have the properties (e.g. self healing) of a TPU film. Quality PPF is made of TPU film. 


In a Nutshell


PPF Matte and Coloured PPF are normally pricier than the clear PPF.


But fear not, the magic healing nature of PPF stays the same no matter which type of PPF you choose at P10X. 😉


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