5 Ultimate Value-For-Money
Car Protections for Your Automobile

5 Ultimate Value-to-Money Car Protections for Your Automobile

【Stop Listening to Salesperson, You Do Not Need Everything They Said】
Protection Up to 10x for Your Car
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Served over 42,388 cars in 13 years
Served over 42,388
cars in 13 years

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Marius Cheong
Fabian is very professional and helpful! Im glad that i chose here to tint my car! Awesome service, awesome workmanship. Couldnt ask for a better place to tint your car!
Joey Chan
I found RhinePro PJ randomly and will continue to go here for all of my future car tints and other services. I brought my car to them last Saturday and they did an amazing job! I’m impressed with the precision and how neat the job was done overall. Not to mention they got me in and out as I was the first appt. There was a gentleman that checked me in and he was super friendly and helpful. He even helped me decide which tint was best for what I was looking for and I appreciate that. The price I was given over the phone was the same at the time of service and they didn’t try to upsell me. Thank you guys!!
Rooban Redmi
Their service is superb and caring. Highly recommended and well done to the team on the performance and workmanship given.
Victor Low
Very friendly personnel and skillful workmanship. definitely recommended
Zul Fadhli
Tinted RhinePro by Lin.. service terbaik.. kualiti tinted terbaik.. pekerja mesra pelanggan.. hasil kerja tiptop, bersih dan cermat..
Belle Lim
Wonderful tinting and coating experience at RhinePro Damansara! Thumbs up to Fabian and his professional team for the excellent service, value-for-money package and nice workmanship!
Person in charge is friendly and helpful. Thee environment is good, clean and tidy. It also has waiting room which is quite comfortable and you can do your work there while waiting for their service.
Fabian and P10X team at RhinePro PJ are excellent and did a fantastic job on my new car!! They did a full Detailing, PPF and Ceramic Coating and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!! They are true professionals and clearly love what they do. They treat your car as if it was their own. They also provide incredible customer service!!! I highly recommend RhinePro PJ and will use them for all of my future car detailing! Thanks again to the whole team at RhinePro PJ!!!
yeo yeu shin
5star service on RhinePro. The workmanship was great and my car was super clean after the tinted. Thanks Fabian who entertained me for all the question with patient. Professional explaining all their product, so I’m fully understanding what tinted I’m used. Besides, I’m suprise on their offer, 10years warranty and if you claim your front mirror in future, they will replace the tinted for us as well. Definitely install RhinoPro without any worries. 👍👍👍
Mohd Arif Bin Rasak
Good service from this place, Fabian has suggest me the best for my car
Spend 30% Less than Needed
to Get the Same Protection Results
Spend 30% Less than Needed to Get the Same Protection Results
5 Most Effective Car Protections without Breaking the Bank
Car Protection 01 : Bubble Tint Replacement
Car Protection 01
Bubble Tint Replacement
Bubbled Tints are Unsightly and Bad for Health
It is common to see bubbles trapped in between your tinted windows
Bubbling tends to occur due to the used of poor quality tint
Or perhaps car owners forgetting to turn off the rear windscreen heater.
Not only does bubble formation affects one’s visibility, it releases lethal gases at the same time
When left unattended, one’s risk of getting cancer increases.
For a safer and healthier driving environment,
It only takes RM88 for us to solve your bubbling issue
Car Protection 02 : Full Car Tinting
Car Protection 02
Full Car Tinting
3x the Lifespan of Normal Car Tinting at Same or Lower Rates
(using Tints made specifically to withstand Malaysian Heat)
Why are there so many car tinting failures within 5 years, eventhough they were branded tints?
Reason is simple, it’s either you bought a low quality tint, or it’s simply NOT design to withstand Malaysia weather
There is no doubt that big brands has tints that performs well
They tend to be high in IR rejection, clarity and heat rejection
The tints are also really durable in the country of its origin, mostly 4 seasons.
As soon as it gets imported to Malaysia, the tints will be exposed to over 40°C of heat all year long.
By neglecting the weather, the lifespan of the material and design of the tint becomes short lived.
We face the same problem for over the past decade
It wasn’t until we discovered a Tinting Manufacturer in US that designs Heat Rejection Film
Specifically made for hot countries like Malaysia
Introducing RhinePro Tinting
RhinePro Tinting
Tint Film that Performs and Sustains Under Extreme Weather
Car Protection 03 : True Coating
Car Protection 03
True Coating
Don’t be Deceived by the “H” in the
Coating Specification
Don’t be Deceived by the “H” in the Coating Specification
(A higher “H” doesn’t necessarily means a better quality coating)
Many coating sellers will mislead you by saying that the higher the “H”,the better the quality of the coating.
The truth is, “H” merely means the hardness of the coating..
You must be thinking; “The harder it is ,the better it performs” right?
This is totally incorrect, because even after you apply 10H coating,
It will still not be able to resist scratches from your fingernails
That is simply because the coating was not designed to resist scratches,
So, even with 100H coating, it won’t do any good!
Coatings are designed in such a way to resist corrosion from acidic rains or bird drops and concurrently repels stains deposited on the car body
By applying this protection on your car, it will continue to look shiny and new.
So what defines a good coating?
The Durability
Durability is dictated by the concentration (Liquid Density).
The higher the concentration, the longer it will stay on your car body.
But beware of fake coating in the market that is actually just wax,
A quality coating will last you 10 years whilst a fake coating will only last for 2 washes
Looking for a quality coating?
Simply find a reputable brand that is google-able
Introducing our Partnership Brand: GYEON
An international branded Coating that can last for 10 years or more
Car Protection 04 : Headlamp PPF
Car Protection 04
Headlamp PPF
90% of Car Owners Neglect Headlamp Protection that can Cost them RM 10,000+ in Replacement
(You only need RM300 to avoid a RM10,000+ Replacement Damages)
Stupid Way of Headlamp Protection
Install tinting on your headlamps
Smart Way of Headlamp Protection
Install PPF on your headlamps
Stupid Way
of Headlamp Protection
Install tinting on your headlamps
9 out of 10 tinting shop (that do not have PPF facility) will sell you tinting on headlamp, by giving the reason “for protection and aesthetic”
But this is absurd, as tinting retains heat within your headlamps causing them to burn out even faster
Hence, causing permanent damages to your headlamp covers
Smart Way
of Headlamp Protection
Install PPF on your headlamps
The proper way of headlamp protection is by using PPF installation
PPF is made out of a minimum 4mm thick Thermal Polyurethane (highly performance plastic) sheet to protect your car painting from scratch, stone chip or even minor bumps.
Having the same on your headlamps would surely give you the same kind of protection.
More importantly, it does not damage your Headlamps in the long run.
As PPF is relatively new in the market
9 out of 10 car detailing / tinting shop are not equipped with PPF installation skills
If you are looking for a reputable PPF installer
If you are looking for
a reputable PPF installer
P10x is the right place to go for
We are not only equipped with experience installers
But also with Top-notch Quality of PPF
with just RM300 for a set of headlamps
Car Protection 05 : Hybrid PPF
Car Protection 05
Hybrid PPF
How to Save At Least 53% While Having the Same PPF Protection for Your Car
(Prevents 95% of Stone Chips, Scratches and Minor Bumps using PPF)
As mentioned, Paint Protective Film (PPF) is a thick, highly elastic and durable, high performance plastic that resists 95% of physical damage.
It even has the ability to resist physical damage from minor bumps.
Scratches and stone chips are no doubt inevitable
As such it is very important to protect your body paint on the first day you collected the keys to your car.
A Full Car PPF Wrapping Cost RM10k and above, is it a necessity or is it a luxury?
Many PPF shops will push you to wrap up your whole car with PPF, which can cost from RM10k - RM25k!
But do you really need it?
Yes, if only your car is 150k and above
Your Solution: Full PPF Wrapping
Your Solution
Full PPF Wrapping
A paint job for car above 150k can cost a minimum of 25k and above
Furthermore if you are planning to sell your car after warranty
It makes more sense to protect your original car painting from day one in order to sell it at a new car condition at 30k more, compare to one with a poor paint condition.
No, if only your car is below 150k
Your Solution: Partial PPF Wrapping
Your Solution
Partial PPF Wrapping
Whereas if you are driving a CX-5 or at the same segment or below,
We would recommend going for a combination protection with PPF and car coating.
Protect the front of your car (high risk area) where it’s prone to experience physical damages with PPF while other parts with car coating.
That way, you can save at least 50% from Full PPF Wrapping
If you are looking for a car protection with PPF
If you are looking for
a car protection with PPF
You Must Know How to Identify a Quality PPF with these
【5 Important Elements】
You Must Know How to Identify
a Quality PPF with these【5 Important Elements】
Installation Method
Or else it will fail within 2 years.
Or worst case still, it might damage your car’s paint

P10x Offers You
The Most Value-for-Money Car Protections

Resolve Bubbled Tint at Headlamp Protection at Hybrid Full Front PPF + Coating starting from
RM88 RM300 RM3500
Resolve Bubbled Tint at RM88
Headlamp Protection at RM300
Hybrid Full Front PPF + Coating starting from RM3500
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but to source better quality product for your customer
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