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Myths About Ceramic Coating Malaysia (5 Minutes Read)

Myths About Ceramic Coating Malaysia (5 Minutes Read)

Myths About Ceramic Coating Malaysia (5 Minutes Read)


1. Ceramic coating makes a car bullet proof


The varying levels of hardness associated with automotive ceramic coating products are all registered on a numbered scale, just like our neighbour’s parole officer visitation days. While people are quick to associate these numbers with the MOHS (mineral hardness scale), all ceramic car coating products are tested on the common pencil hardness scale. Therefore, a 9H ceramic coat rating does not correlate to nearly diamond level hardness levels, but the amount of pressure the coating can withstand before a mark or line can be seen.

Although this may do jack-shit to protect your car’s hood from that boulder that just fell out of the bed of the dump truck in front of you, it can help in other areas. 9H hardness levels do wonders for preventing small scratches, scuffs, swirl marks, and road debris from cutting into, or embedding into clear coat. 

2. Coating doesn’t need maintenance

Despite having superior hardness and water repelling properties, the average ceramic paint coating still needs to be cleaned regularly. So while you may not be able to prevent road grime, pollen, avian fecal matter, and various other contaminants from caking onto your car, at least there is a way to make clean-up far less frequent and labor-intensive.


3. Coating is permanent

Although a ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s paintwork, glass, plastic, or clear coat, this sacrificial layer is by no means an indestructible coat of armor. Over time, the molecular structure of even the hardest 9H-rated ceramic coating will begin to deteriorate, at which point it is best to strip the coat entirely, and reapply a fresh layer. 

That said, a well-made ceramic coating product typically provides 2 years worth of protection at the bare minimum, especially when properly applied and cared for by the consumer.


4. Coating hides imperfection

While ceramic coatings will give a much smoother look to surfaces, they do little to hide things like faded paint, swirl marks, scratches, obscenities scribbled in permanent marker, or any other notable blemish. Regardless as to whether it is attractive or not, what you see on your car’s surface gets locked into place once a ceramic coating cures, making the said imperfection all the more noticeable. 

So, be sure to make sure that the surface is looking exactly the way you want it to look before locking it semi-permanently in place with a ceramic coating.