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Expert in Paint Protective Film (PPF) Installation, Full Car Window Tinting, Bubble Tint Replacement, Hybrid PPF, Car Coating/Detailing & Car Wrapping.
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Are you sick and tired of having window bubbled tint, foggy & yellowish headlamp, high temperature inside the car or to give another wash for your dirty car?

Offering Quality Services

We provide different automotive surface protection solutions for your new or old car.
Car Tinting
Window Film Tinting
RhinePro window film comes with multi-layer sputtering technology offers excellent heat rejection and anti-glare.
Car Coating Detailing
Car Coating/Detailing
Looking for a quality coating? GYEON: an international branded coating that can last for 10 years or more.
Car Paint Protective Film (PPF)
PPF is a thick, highly elastic and durable, high-performance plastic that resists 95% of physical damage.
Bubble Tint Replacement
Bubble Tint Replacement
Window tint bubbles? The most common issues are air bubbles, old tint and water bubbles. Hiring professionals, P10x to replace your window tints.
Windscreen Replacement
Windscreen Replacement
P10X provides windscreen replacement services for vehicles including FREE quality RhinePro window film for your car as a one-stop solution.
After Coating Service
After Coating Service
We specialize in after coating service for ALL cars! We just want to make sure all coated cars deserve the attention it needs.

We Provide Window Tinting For All Car Models

Luxury Sedan
Mid Size Sedan
5 Ultimate Value-For-Money Car Protections for Your Automobile
Don’t know how to protect your car surface? Let P10x with 13 years of experience in automotive surface protection to guide you. You just need to spend 30% less than needed to get the same protection results.

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We are very thankful for all our customers’ continued support and for the confidence you all have placed in us, to bring us where we are today.

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We are experts in Full Car Tinting, Hybrid PPF, Bubble Tint Replacement, Headlamp PPF and True Coating.
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