Paint Protection Film (PPF) – Full Front vs Full Car (5 Minutes Read)

By Craig Wheeler 



Today, we shall talk about the PPF choices available for all car models:


  • Full Front PPF – Applying PPF on the front body of your car
  • Full Car PPF – Applying PPF to the full car body




      ★  Customization of PPF application at higher risk areas such as car door handle and rocker panels is available. 


Factors to consider 


1. Car usage

I think we can all agree no matter how you drive (except for drifting haha), the front part of your car has the highest chance of getting hit by rock chips. Hence, Full Front PPF is a common choice among car owners. 


2. Road Condition

Driving in the city or kampong (suburb) area makes a difference. The issue with city is dust, BUT kampong has both dust and dirt! 

A Full Car PPF will make car wash effortless! 😉 


3. Budget

A Full Front PPF is definitely cheaper as compared to a Full Car PPF. If you are budget conscious and have considered the other factors above, Full Front PPF can be a more wallet friendly choice. 




We do get a lot of special requests to apply PPF on car door handles, rocker panels… Everyone’s comfort level is different. 

Of course if budget is not a concern, Full Body PPF is recommended as it provides the best protection on your car full body paint work. Not to mention that car washing is a breeze with the PPF layer on. 

Need more details? Don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team!