PPF – Top 3 Myths KABOOMed (3 minutes read)

By Craig Wheeler 


Keywords: paint protection film, PPF, self-healing, myths, car protection film, invisible shield, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), damage paint, wax, ceramic coating


As a Paint Protection Film (PPF) user for the past umpteenth years, I’ve come across numerous false claims on PPF. Today, I am gonna share with you the top 3 misconceptions on PPF.


Let the truth unfold… *drum rollsssss* 


No. 1 – PPF Damages Car Paint

Now now now, the key WORTH of PPF is to protect your car paint. It is probably the best bet among all products in the market today. 


Cases on PPF “damaging” car paint normally happen on second hand cars, which are often due to misrepresentation on the originality of the paintwork.

Nothing lasts forever unfortunately. A well taken care PPF lasts about 5 to 7 years. Do still wash your car and get professional help on PPF removal. Glue residue not properly removed can really damage your car paint. 


No. 2 – Car Paint Needs UV Protection

This is the commonest reason given out there when people ask about fading car paint. The question should be: how much effort are we putting in to protect the car paint?

The worry on car paint discolourisation can definitely be solved with proper care and maintenance. 


That said, for those afraid to get tan from driving, do still apply your sunblock diligently 😎


No. 3 – PPF Can’t be Coated/Waxed

Yep, this is indeed a myth. I had used coating on mine, my PPF lasts!

If budget allows, I’ll definitely recommend ceramic coating. This has proven to extend PPF’s life, while giving your car the luxurious shine it deserves.