Pre-cut PPF OR Hand Cut PPF? (5 Minutes Read)

By Craig Wheeler 


Pre-cut or hand cut PPF? Cannot cincai la (anyhow) okay, we all know getting PPF is not like buying bubble tea 😉


To make your life easier, we have summarized the pros (✅) and cons (❌) below:


Factors to consider Pre-cut Hand Cut
No exposed edges = looks better 🤩
No dirt line
Quicker application 
Requires highly skilled installer 
Need to remove body panels during installation 
Non-availability of pre-cut film


Let’s see, both pre-cut and hand cut PPF are quite balanced in terms of pros and cons. 


However, we believe everyone’s car condition differs and thus, may need either a pre-cut or hand cut PPF, or even BOTH!


Take note!

If you decide to go for a hand cut PPF, do check that your installer has a digital cutter. Cutting using a blade next to your car paint can be quite a heart attack!


Feel free to reach out for advice on your needs!