5 Ultimate Value-For-Money Car Protections for Your Automobile
Don’t know how to protect your car surface? Let P10x with 13 years of experience in automotive surface protection to guide you. You just need to spend 30% less than needed to get the same protection results.
RhinePro Flagship PJ by P10X
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"A very professional and friendly service from Lin. Definitely will come here again. Anything don’t understand can check with him about coating and tinting. Very satisfied with their finished services."
Wong Chun Hoe
"Their service is superb and caring. Highly recommended and well done to the team on the performance and workmanship given."
Rooban Redmi
"Tinted RhinePro by Lin .. best service .. best tinted quality .. customer friendly workers .. tiptop work, clean and careful .."
Zul Fadhli
"Detailed and good services! They took time to explain on the different types of car tinting they have and advices on the after care as well!"
Carmen Yong
"Perfect place for Tint and Coating.. Awesome package! Friendly staff.. Car is on time as promised by PIC 🙂 "
Ganesh Nesh
"Highly recommended, service is specially good. Window films are explain before purchase, Pricing wise are really good and people inside are patient enough to explain to you again and again. Impressed with their service and before & after sales service. Good job!!!!! Will recommend family & friends to have a good tinting. Good tinting comes with great value. "
Kuan Leem
"I’ve just done my PPF at Rhine Pro Uptown and I‘m satisfied with their service. They are very professional, deliver the car on time as well. Highly recommended to anyone who needs window tinting or PPF. They use good quality window films. 👍🏻"
GraceGurlx Grace Choong
"The person who went through the process with me, Fabian, is very friendly and nice guy. I got a package of PPF+coating+tinting from the shop, didn't know anything, but Fabian introduced everything to me patiently and gave me a deal that's reasonable. The service was extraordinary and he constantly updates me the process of the car so I know what's going on when the car was with them. Overall, I had a great experience getting my car done with them, would definitely get my car done again in the future with them. "
Simon Tie