Should I PPF? (5 Minutes Read)

In all honesty, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is NOT cheap. It is more commonly applied on luxury vehicles, to preserve the car’s outlook and long-term value. We humans like pretty things, a car full of scratches is a turn off unfortunately. 


That said, if you are planning to skip some mamak food (great supper place in Malaysia) and save a few bucks for your sleek baby, allow me to share with you more on PPF.


Let’s deal with common questions from the floor:

Why is PPF so expensive?

Is PPF for new cars only?


Here comes the wordy part… If you prefer to have your queries answered in person, feel free to contact our friendly team.


Why is PPF so expensive?

I would say price is the main disadvantage of PPF. Probably why PPF is still niche. RM10,000-RM18,000

The high cost involved here is because installing PPF is no easy job. A car has curvy parts, sharp edges and different paint surface.. Applying PPF thus requires skills, time and patience. A good full car PPF takes about 5 days to be done. 


Great news is, there is a way to save us commoners hard earned money! 


PPF don’t have to be applied on a car’s full body, you can choose to do only the “Full Front End”. The front end of our car is more exposed to road debris and stone chips (if you have driven on highways behind a huge ass lorry, you will know what I meant here). RM3,000-RM7,000

Is PPF for new cars only? 

In best case scenario, PPF is advised to be applied on a new car, to protect its original paint work. 


Original factory car paint is done using a high temperature curing process that practically melts the paint to the car body. That is why it resists scratches and chips better. 


If you are considering applying PPF on a used car, it is recommended to be done on a car with decent painting condition (you can drop by and let us QC your car). 


Remember, PPF is no iPhone cover. If the underlying car paint is chipped, the transparent nature of PPF will not help to hide this defect.