What Is PPF (Paint Protection Film)?

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Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a growing trend in South East Asia. To those of you who sayang (care for) your car like your wife or husband, here is a crash course to equip you with key knowledge on PPF. Erm, if you hate reading, feel free to play the video, or speak to any of our friendly staff, no stress there 😉


As the name suggests, PPF is a layer of film used to protect your car. Its function is similar to a screen protector to your smartphone. PPF is the next generation after waxing, sealing glaze, coating and crystal plating. A much stronger and durable version of its predecessors.


Let’s look at the structure of an invisible car cover. 


The finished invisible car cover is divided into five layers: 

  1. protective film layer
  2. coating layer
  3. base material layer
  4. adhesive layer
  5. release film layer


Our focus today would be the base material layer, as this is the heart to invisible car cover. The base material layer of PPF is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). An alien term to many probably, hope the picture below save you few googling seconds:


TPU is an upgraded version of PVC (material used to make your plastic bags when you go out da bao (takeaway) food). TPU is a much sturdier, stretchable, lighter, recyclable, and odorless material. There are ample reasons why TPU beats PVC, but I’ll have to pause here to not bore you.


After introducing the key material, now we look at how PPF helps to protect your car. Main purposes of PPF application include protection against the below:

  1. car paint chipping
  2. bird droppings, tree sap 
  3. flying stone chips on highway
  4. yellowing from UV exposure


The most interesting part about PPF would be its self-healing magic (probably not as amazing as Wolverine haha). This magic is activated under heat (no worries if you are in Malaysia), where most scratches on car paint will disappear miraculously. 


Alright, I hope I left you with more question marks? Do visit our specific topic discussions or pm our team!