PPF – Got Warranty? (5 minutes read)

By Craig Wheeler 


YES!!! P10X PPF always comes with a warranty!


Today, we will talk about PPF warranty period and its coverage. 

Warranty Period

PPF warranty period is closely related to PPF’s lifespan:


⭐ Better Quality PPF ➠ Longer Warranty Period

     Of course, the PPF price is also higher la..


The warranty period varies across different types of PPF. At P10X, we offer a warranty period ranging between 4 to 8 years. 


Warranty Coverage 

Let’s see what does PPF warranty covers and not cover.


✓ Peels

✓ Cracks

✓ Bubbles/ blistering


The above are generally PPF defects. However, they don’t commonly occur if you engage a skilled PPF installer and apply a quality PPF film. 


✗ Yellowing of car paint

✗ Mould, dirt

✗ Misuse, accidents, intentional damage


For the items not covered by PPF warranty, these are because they are not directly caused by a defective PPF. 


That said, to all the car lovers out there, do still wash your car regularly and treat it with ♡ and care!

Since PPF is not a cheap investment, it is vital to understand PPF’s warranty before paying!


Need more details? Don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team!