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Car Window Film Tinting Service

Car Window Film Tinting Service

Feeling extremely hot in your car? You shouldn’t.

More than just a traditional car tinting. Enjoy your car better with protection from the heat outside. Global warming is a b*tch and we know it.

From compliance with the law to security inside your car, we’ll cater to your needs for your comfort.

Service Overview

  • Thoroughly cleaning the window interior
  • Applying the application spray judiciously
  • Carefully applying the film, beginning in a top corner of the window
  • Using a squeegee to ensure a tight seal from center to edge, with no bubbles or ripples
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Get Car Window Film Tinting In 3 Simple Steps Below:


1. Contact us to make an appointment.
2. Drop by 5 minutes for a mini-tour. (Check out our demo tools, demo car, iPad).
3. Choose the types.
4. Select date & time.


1. Install with 2 hours time for ALL cars except for MPV 3 hours (Procedure before and during installation)
2. Wait at our shop/Ask us for food recommendations.
3. Don’t forget to request a mystery gift from us!


1. Wait patiently during the curing process.
2. Contact us and leave feedback. *Your feedback is always welcome and important for our

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Time is of the essence, so if you choose to leave your car with us to run an errand or to be somewhere else,

  • Aren’t you worried about the safety of your car at the workshop?
  • Are you concerned if your car is being treated like a princess or is it being treated like luggage at the airport?

Our workshop is installed with 360 degrees live feed that allows you to monitor your car at your fingertips!

No longer will you need to worry about the way we handle your precious car. Just get a live feed link from our staff and you will be able to monitor your car anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally, tinting workshops always look messy and could also be dangerous!

Tools such as SDI Blades are often found simply thrown on the ground, messy excess tint film/plastic liners laying on the floor, messy cables and wirings that could obstruct the pathways are all around.

We hate it too, so in our workshop, we emphasize the safety of You, your car and all of our employees.

Messy Car Workshop

Have you ever experienced being treated dishonestly by a tint workshop?

One could promise you the very best tinting film in the sales pitch but when you’re not around to watch, they swap it out to a lower grade type.

We test every single film we install for you to ensure you get what you pay for!

We are fed up by this industry’s practices in the past as well. This isn’t the 80s or the 90s anymore, here with us, we offer full transparency to our customers.